A passport to a world of food

At Indo European Foods, we believe in championing the vibrant and eclectic tastes from around the world.

We are passionate about food and have built a reputation for creating the finest quality products. All our ingredients are sourced locally from the county of origin to ensure they keep the deliciously authentic flavours locked inside.

True taste unites

By exploring the wonderous flavours from around the world, it grants you a passport to experience new cultures from the comfort of your kitchen. We strive to bring a sense of excitement and adventure to every meal occasion, daring to create and share truly authentic meals with you, your friends and your family.

Kohinoor – Exploring the  joy of India

Our name has a special place in Indian and British culture, and we celebrate this heritage by bringing the very finest authentic Indian cuisines to the UK for everyone to discover and enjoy.

Trophy – The winning combination of world rice

Trophy brings you the finest selection of rice from around the world to accompany any cuisine. 

Tohfa – Grown with care

Grown and nurtured with optimum care, Tohfa basmati comes to you from the most fertile plains of Punjab.

Triple Diamond – The Diamond standard of rice

Triple Diamond rice is of the highest quality grains and is perfect for catering.


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