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Kohinoor’s true range of Indian Basmati rice originates from the valleys of the Himalayas, grown and nurtured in the fields of the Punjab. Every grain is aged for 1-2 years in its purest form to ensure a flavour that is unrivalled. Kohinoor’s Basmati rice is renowned for distinctive aroma and nuanced flavours in every grain.

Kohinoor Platinum Basmati

Kohinoor Basmati has been a long established name as a trusted Basmati brand perfected for over 38 years. On cooking, our  Basmati rice results in a delicate sweet flavour and separable grains which is the hallmark of our thorough quality practices, strict sourcing and milling policy. It is the jewel to adorn dining tables across the World.

Packs:  20kg

Kohinoor Gold Basmati

Kohinoor Gold Basmati rice is specially selected for its longer grains and nurtured with the snow fed waters of the Himalayas. Ideal for today’s recipes.

Packs:  20kg

Kohinoor Extra Fine Basmati

Adorn your special occasions with our Kohinoor Extra Flavour Basmati rice that has a subtle sweet flavour and a divine nutty aroma.

Packs: 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg