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Quality ingredients
delivering the authentic
taste of India

Higher percentage
yield than own
label products

Maximise profit
by over 80%

Indo-European Foods brings authentic flavours from around the world.

We are passionate about food and have built a reputation for creating the finest quality products for our customers. We strive to bring innovation and excitement to every eating occasion by sharing truly authentic, high quality products with our customers, their friends and their families.

Easy dining with authentic flavours from around the World

High quality ingredients for a superior taste suitable for a variety of different cuisines and recipes

A healthy option for students to provide nourishment and even perhaps improve productivity!

Our range has easy-cooking products for a quick and busy service

What we Offer

Our commitment is to quality and originality in every range and every product, down to the last grain of rice or subtle flavours and nuances in our food range. It’s our promise to deliver the very finest rice and cooking sauces.

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Quality for all organisations, across the range

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    Distribution Office:
    Kohinoor House,
    Langer Rd, Felixstowe,
    Suffolk IP11 2BW

    +44 (0)1394 276700

    Head Office:
    Indo-European Foods Ltd,
    6th Floor, Congress House,
    14 Lyon Road, Harrow,
    Middlesex, HA1 2EN

    If you have an enquiries concerning any of our products, please get in touch with our Trade team.